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 A. To carry on business as travelling and tours operators, to provide booking reservations, cruise and tours, routing and ticketing facilities for travel by any means of transportation; and to engage in baggage management and act as travel insurance agents.

B.  To provide  any service capable of assisting travellers, including councelling on immigration procedures, assisting with visas and travel documents, engaging in programs and assisting with hotel reservations. to act like travel guides and tour operator.

C. To print and publish travel journals and brochures.to carry on any or all of the businessof carriers, shippers, freight forwarders, licensed customs agent, warehousemman and general agents. to supply any person or persons with ideas, strategy, plans, advice, information and all assistance required to enhance tourist interest in any place or thing and to facilitate tourist travel.

D. To supply any person or persons with ideals, strategy, plans, advice, information and all assistance required to enhance tourist in any place; and to promote and engage in the establishment of tourist attractions.

E. To carry on the business of hotel services, hotel and suites management, resort cen     centres, restaurant, cafe, bar, recreational park, motel, holiday camp, caravan site and apartment, house keepers, lodging , amusement park, industrial hotels, roadhouse, night clubs and all sorts of indoor and outdoor entertainments events, family holiday travel, boat cruise.

F. To carry on the business of importation  and logistic services, management service in all aspect of the development sector, all forms of project management from inception to implementation,(foreign investment), business analysis and change implementation multi sector transportation, lifting and logistics.

G. To engage in the business of  E-commerce or E-trade for advertising, marketing, trading, import, export, sales and distribution of general goods, commission agents, manufacturer's representatives, importers, exporters and general suppliers.

H. To carry on the business of transportation services (excluding air and sea), carriage and haulage contractors, garage proprietors, owners and charter of motor vehicles, lighter men and carriers of goods and by road, rail waters, cabmen, cartage contractors and agents.